Art & Project Bulletin 89; Bas Jan Ader - 'In Search of the Miraculous'

Art & Project
Amsterdam 1975
First Edition of 800 Copies
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ORIGINAL, mint copy of Bulletin 89, 4pp. This bulletin concerns the artist's exhibition:
'"in search of the miraculous"
(songs for the north atlantic; july 1975-)
in cooperation with the Claire s Copley
gallery, los angeles, USA, and the
groninger museum, Groningen, Holland.'
It contains a single b/w image of the artist in the sailboat he used for the piece 'In Search of the Miraculous'. A work which involved the artist sailing single-handedly across the Atlantic. On the final page the sea shanty "A Life on the Ocean Wave" is published with musical score. This shanty was sung when the artist departed for this work and he had planned to have it sung at the completion of the work when he arrived in Europe. The material for this bulletin was given to the gallery to make the bulletin and the artist requested them to release the bulletin "either mailed or available in the gallery" on a specific date when the artist had estimated he would be at a midpoint in the Atlantic. These wishes were followed and this bulletin was released. Subsequently, the artist's boat was found drifting in the ocean without the artist. Therefore this bulletin was the last communication from the artist and is a seminal archival document and testament to this extraordinary work.
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song on rear page
song on rear page
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