TRACKS: A Journal of Artists' Writings

Herbert George
New York 1974
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COMPLETE RUN Vol 1 no 1, Vol No 2, Vol 1 no 3, Vol 2 No 1, Vol 2 no 2, Vol 2, No 3, Vol 3, Nos 1 + 2, Vol 3 No 3. November 1974, Spring 1975, Fall 1975, Winter 1976, Fall 1976, Spring 1977, Fall 1977.
Irregularly issued artists' periodical of writings and artists' project. Contributions by Angelo Savelli, Robert Indiana, Robert Motherwell, David Smyth, Will Insley, Sol Lewitt, Mario Yrisarry, Barnett Newman, Giono Severini, Alberto Giacometti, Frank O'Hara, Larry Rivers, Adolf Wolfli, Ad Reinhardt, Peter Hutchinson, May Stevens, Fancis Picabia, Saul Baizerman, Rosemarie Castoro, Dean Jubuffet, Michael Goldberg, Jean Dubuffet, Rosalind Hodings, Joseph Cornell, Sari Dienes, David Hare, Oyvind Falhstrom, Piero Dorazio, Roger Welch, William Tucker, Barbara Kruger, Elyssa Rundele, Peter Plagens, Euenene Kayser, Richard Kostelantz, Robert De Niro . A M Fine, Lucio Pozzi, Claes Oldenburg, Tony Robbin, Herman Cherry, Opal L Nations, Jean Dupy, Agino Severini, Wendy Walker, Vito Acconci, Alice Aycock, Juri Kolar, Rudolf Baranik, Alan Sondheim, Dorothy Alexander, Jud Fine, Marc Deade, Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, Robert J Horovitz, Carl Andre, Frank Moore, Michael Robbins, Tony Rickaby, , Robert Morris, Harriet Shorr, Rackstraw Downes, Steven Low, Mario Pedrose, Bruce Boice, Dan Graham, Dorothy Debner, Maideline Gins, Peter Downsbrough, Arakawa, Victor Burin, Charlemagne Palestine, Man June Paik, Jo White. .

Edited and produced by George Herbert he writes "'These small publications contained thoughts and ideas that the large circulation magazines did not. Here I could begin to gain some understanding of the thought process of certain artists"

It would appear that this magazine was not distributed outside of the USA and had a small edition run. A complete set is hardly ever seen, this is a rare offering.
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