Pristina, Kosova 2011
First Edition
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This is the first six issues of KOSOVO 2.0 is an artist magazine published in Pristina and supported by various international funding bodies. It was originally funded by the 'National Endowment for Democracy'. Their founding statement reads "We wanted to create a place where the country's youth would create and express their personal take through stories they would share. We remain convinced that indivudual stories and voices should not be lost' and 'Today there is a new belief and assertion in agency; that history is somethng we can all possess; and that often marginalized narratives and memories can be recorded and remembered. And that is what we offer in our first issue, because there's nothing wrong with showing your weaknesses, and there's something special when you notice them on your own."

This strong counter-cultural magazine chooses a theme for each issue, often working in very controverisal areas:

Volume 1: IMAGE 2011 Summer 2011
Volume 2: CORRUPTION Winter 2011/2012
Volume 3: RELIGION Summer 2012/2013
Volume 4: SEXWinter 2012/2013
Volume 5: PUBLIC SPACE Summer 2013
Volume 6: BALKART Fall 2013

Articles and artist inserts sit alongside each other in this
demanding contemporary space in which young Kosovan's are trying to question the new country that calls itself Kosova, warts and all. There have been attempts to supress some of the issues. The 'Sex' issue which looks at homosexual issues in a Muslim country is very honest. Here is a small group of the early issues, how long it will last is unsure, it gives a unique insight into the situation over the past 4 years or so.
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Shot of single issue plus inserts
Shot of single issue plus inserts
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