AXE Vols 1 - 3 Complete

Guy Schraenen
Antwerp, Brussels 1975
Editon of 500 copies
complete set of AXE
3 Volumes contained in one card slipcase. Each volume contains collages, objects, small booklets and each number contains a record with sound poems. Henry Chopin and Brion Gysin (Axe no 10, Brion Gysin et Francois Dufrene (Axe No 2), Sten Hanson (Axe No 3). Out of an edition of 500 copies, 120 are signed and 370 examples unsigned this is one of the unsigned edition. This is an important rarely seen outside of Europe. A COMPLETE SET AS ISSUED.

AXE 1: Artists Include:
Roy Adzak, Eduard Bal, Bram Bogart, Brion Gysin, Henry Copin, Degottex, Mirtha Dermisache, Bernard Heidseick, J P Schelfhout, Ung No Lee, Miko van Daele, paul Van Ostfalen

AXE 2: Artists include:
Antione De Bary, Maurice Benhamou, Hugo de Clercq, Francois Dufrene, Servulo Esmeraldo, Rene Guiette, Brion Gysin, Bernard Heidseick, Plessi.

AXE 3: Artists include:
Jo Delahaut, John Giorno, Brion Gysin, Sten Hanson, Bernard heidsieck, Arrigo Lora-Totino, Francoise Mairey, Klaus Ritterbusch.
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Inside view with records
Inside view with records
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Inside text
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