A Journey Through London Subculture - 1980's to Now

ICA Gallery
London 2013
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Catalogue published to accompany the 'ICA Off-Site: The Old Selfridges Hotel - A Journey Through London Subculture: 1980's to Now' Curated by Gregor Muir. This was a project or an experiment whereby the ICA seeks to test the existence of an interconnected legacy that can be traced back to the 80's and beyond. To conduct this experiment they created an environment at The Old Selfridges Hotel that charts a series of cultural events that have occurred in London over the past thirty years.

This show attemped to make connections between London's artistic past and the present day. For instance is there a connection between The House of Beauty and Culture and The Shop, an artist-run store by Sarah Lucas and Tracey Emin?

The show deployed over 50 vitrines alongside video works, intallations and bill-board sized images. The timeline spans the moment when the 80s counterculture would arguably enter the mainstream and the London underground scene, ravaged by AIDS would eventually be co-oted by the rising tide of commercialisation and conscpicuous consumption. Trying to answer the question - does counterculture still exist?

76pp b/w and colour images each vitrine has a page with texts and images, on newsprint in paper covers. A record of an important archival show.
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