Internationale Situationiste

Guy Debord
Paris, 1958
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A complete set of this important journal. All original editions in metalic covers (except number 2 which is as usual the 2nd edition - the first edition of this number is hardly ever seen). Edited by Guy Debord and with contributions from Debord, Constant, Jorn, Kotanyi, Nash, Vaneigem, Michele Bernstein etc. Issues vary in length illustrated with b/w images. Guy Debord was a Founder of the Situationist International.

In 1957, the Lettrist International, the International Movement for an Imaginist Bauhaus, and the London Psychogeographical Association gathered in Alba, Italy, to found the Situationist International, with Debord having been the leading representative of the Lettrist delegation. Initially made up of a number of well known artists such as Asger Jorn and Pinot Gallizio, the early days of the SI were heavily focused on the formulation of a critique of art, which would serve as a foundation for the group's future entrance into further political critiques. The SI was known for a number of its interventions in the art world, which included one raid in 1960 against an international art conference in Belgium that included a large pamphlet drop and significant media coverage, all of which culminated in the arrest of various situationists and sympathizers associated with the scandal. In addition to this action, the SI endeavored to formulate industrial painting, or, painting prepared en masse with the intent of defaming the original value largely associated with the art of the period. In the course of these actions, Debord was heavily involved in the planning and logistical work associated with preparing these interventions, as well as the work for Internationale Situationniste associated with theoretical defense of the Situationist International's actions.

The magazines were a major forum for ideas and the first issue includes the important text 'Formulaire pour Un Urbanisme Nouveau' which contained Debord's ideas on Psychological Geography.

A key source on 20th century post-war thought and a post Capitalist society, these issues are mostly in good condition, isues one and two have some small wear to edges.Texts in French .

(see FRIEZE: No 157 September 2013 'The Game, an interview with Michele Bernstein, novelist and founding member of the Situationist International by Gavin Everall. (Bernstein was married to Debord at the time)p 136-139.
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inside shot of Debord article
inside shot of Debord article
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