CENTREFOLD - Issue 8 Circle of Manias

Self published (Reza Aramesh)
London 2011
Edition of 41 copies
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CENTERFOLD is a limited edition publication accompanied by exhibitions and events curated and organised by Reza Aramesh, an Iranian artist based in London. ( Issues 1 - 3 were co-produced with Tina Spear) From originally curating shows with his fellow artists, Aramesh pushed the idea to a different format where the space of a gallery is replaced by the volume of space on a large page. Artists are invited to contribute to this multiple work and are given each page or double-page of a scrapbook to site an ORIGINAL artwork. Aramesh thereby has recruited work, sometimes of a controversial nature, into a curatorial mode of address within which the authorships, willingly or not, are adopted into the dimension of a multitude - in effect a group exhibition in a small multiple format (up to 40 or so copies) This is issue 8 the most recent issue of this publication which sits almost as a portmanteau exhibition and includes for the first time international artists who Aramesh has connected via his participation in international exhibitions particularly in the middle east. Aramesh takes the role of 'Creator' in this arena:

Contributors include: Centrefold by Dariush Nehdaran, cover attached 'studio remnant/souvenir' by Andy Holden, fold-out insert by A. Kassen, Shezad Dawood, Anne Hardy, Clunie Reid, Jack Strange, Muntean & Rosenblum, Olav Westphalen, Florian Roithmayr, Vicki Thornton, Shapour Pouyan, Vasco Araujo, Simon Mathers, Fereydoun Ave, Othello De'Souza-Hartley

This is copy 23/41 signed inside front cover and each page is individually signed by each artist. 48pp with numerous pieces in a variety of media, photographs, texts etc...each issue is hand assembled by Aramesh with help. This issue includes a small sculpture by Andy Holden attached to the front cover and
single large poster work (folded) by A Kassen. All contained in black box with perspex cover as issued.
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Staple Bound
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