3 Generations

Sidney Janis Gallery
New York 1964
First Edition
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Exhibition catalogue of a group show of a mixture of 3 generations of artists. Artists include, CUBIST AND SURREALIST GENERATION: Arp, Brancusi, Braque, Dali, de Chirico, Dubuffet, Duchamp, Ernst, Giacometti, Gris, Kandinsky, Klee, Leger, Magritte, Miro, Mondrian, Picasso, Schwitters. ABSTRACT-EXPRESSIONIST GENERATION De Kooning, Francis, Gorky, Gottlieb, Guston, Kline, Motherwell,Newman, Pollock, Rothko,Still. NEW REALIST/POP GENERATION: Arman, Dine, Fahlstrom, Johns, Lichtenstein, Marisol, Oldenburg, Rauschenberg, Rosenquist, Segel, Warhol, Wesselman. 41 works catalogued and illustrated in b/w, with purple endpapers. In good conditon in black glossy cover with cut out to reveal the number 3.
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Staple Bound
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Very Good
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